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The ability to deliver a strong presentation in a high-pressured situation can supercharge your career. Unfortunately for many, it is a challenge they struggle with or avoid altogether. This workshop focuses on how to present with impact, particularly within the financial sector. We will work on how to turn complex data into a meaningful story. Specific areas covered will include:

  • Using confident body language to reinforce your message

  • Using your voice effectively to speak with authority and clarity

  • Techniques to overcome nerves

  • Developing effective techniques to answer difficult questions

  • Using storytelling techniques to make data meaningful to your audience

  • You’ll also gain personalised feedback from one of our communication experts



Martyn Barmby

Director Martyn Barmby is the driving force behind MSB. Passionate about empowering talented professionals, his mission is to tap into a person’s true potential and give them the ability to communicate their brilliance. Martyn Barmby brings a true 360degree perspective. A professional actor with 12 years senior executive experience in consultancy and project management, he has an innate understanding of the skills needed for exceptional presentations. Having led consultancy businesses in the UK, US and France, Martyn has also performed around the world as a professional actor. It’s no surprise that he’s skilled in advanced communication techniques and has developed powerful methods and influencing skills from the worlds of acting and business.