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Create impactful and engaging messages using storytelling techniques

There's a reason that companies such as Nike, Microsoft and IBM employ Chief Storytellers. The use of storytelling techniques dramatically increases the power of any presentation or message you want to deliver. In this age of an abundance of information, the ability to cut through the noise and capture the attention of your audience has never been more important. This course delivers the fundamentals of great storytelling and how to weave these into the business environment. This course will help you:

  • turn dry facts and data into engaging stories

  • understand the basic components of a story and how they can be used in a business context

  • employ a range of storytelling techniques to create impactful messages

  • learn from the examples of great storytellers

  • ensure your audience care about your message by engaging their emotions

  • The price of the course is £50



Martyn Barmby

Director Martyn Barmby is the driving force behind MSB. Passionate about empowering talented professionals, his mission is to tap into a person’s true potential and give them the ability to communicate their brilliance. Martyn Barmby brings a true 360degree perspective. A professional actor with 12 years senior executive experience in consultancy and project management, he has an innate understanding of the skills needed for exceptional presentations. Having led consultancy businesses in the UK, US and France, Martyn has also performed around the world as a professional actor. It’s no surprise that he’s skilled in advanced communication techniques and has developed powerful methods and influencing skills from the worlds of acting and business.

Head of Voice

Steven Maddocks

Since training as an actor, Steven has worked in almost every area of theatre, including acting, writing, producing and directing. He also runs a drama school for children and adults, where he teaches drama and public speaking. As a Voice Coach, he works with professionals across a range of industries and at all levels of seniority. Drawing on his theatrical training and experience, Steven teaches vocal and physical techniques to help his clients communicate brilliantly and effectively under pressure, whether they are presenting to large groups or negotiating across the meeting room table. Steven studied English at Oxford University, where he was also president of the OUDS (the Oxford University Dramatic Society). He has published several successful guides for drama teachers.